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It’s hard to grow when working with the global giants.

Loyal Foundry is building a global app community, creating strength in numbers, bringing together a portfolio of quality apps and providing the resources needed to succeed.  Joining our community of great mobile app content providers enables the scaled benefits of a large publisher to maximize revenues through subscriptions, advertising and other pathways.


Loyal Foundry is empowering publishers to make money and drive sustainable, profitable growth. When we acquire apps, we develop customized deal structures to meet the specific objectives of the entrepreneurs. There are multiple options for these mobile innovators: an outright sale for immediate liquidity or the opportunity to join the Loyal Foundry team and continue to grow the business together by driving increased engagement, revenues per user, and customer acquisition.

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Loyal Foundry is creating a premier platform for a scaled consolidator of mobile apps.

We do this by enabling small publishers and developers to win via an exit opportunity when we buy their apps/app portfolios, thereby achieving the liquidity they desire.

In some cases, these app publishers/developers remain with Loyal Foundry post-acquisition and continue to grow alongside and with us. For most publishers, Loyal Foundry acquires the business outright and then use our tools, resources, and industry expertise to scale.

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Mobile is in our DNA

Drawing on 200+ years of collective experience, our team is comprised of founders, operators, engineers, marketers and financial experts. Moving quickly, we are leveraging global relationships, offshore mobile development expertise, industry-specific M&A knowledge, and digital advertising mastery to acquire and grow high-quality consumer app portfolios.

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“As we have gotten to know the Loyal Foundry team during this process, we have been impressed by their plans and abilities to move our apps forward. We are excited to work with them to drive more success.”

Itamar Rogel
Co-CEO and Cofounder of Newsfusion